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On Rights

On The Military

On Foriegn Policy

On The Economy

On Education

On Elections

On how we Elect our candidate

Presidental Candidates will partcipate in Rap Battles across the country. Each State will have delegates proportional to the number of fire mixtapes in it. In Each Rap Battle, the candidate with the most fire bars will win the delegates for that state. The Candidate with a majority of delegates will get the nod from the UNLNC (UltraNationalist Liberty National Convention). An Additional Section of FireDelegates hold 30% collectively of the delegates to themselves, in order to maximize the fire. FireDelegates will be:

Vice Presidential Candidates are taken to a WWE-Style match after the Presidential Candidate is nominated. It will be a Ironman Cage Match with no holds barred and last man standing. With this, we have our nominees!

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